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Celebrating 15 Years as an Association

Spiritual Direction

What is a Spiritual Director?

A spiritual director is a trained and experienced facilitator of the spiritual journey who is, foremost, grounded in prayer and growing in an intimate relationship with God. Called to the ministry, he or she serves as a vessel of God, the True Director, assisting the seeker to uncover the Divine in their everyday lives.

The director is not a therapist or a counselor, but is a spiritual companion. Through deep, contemplative listening, the spiritual director assists the directee in prayerfully discerning the movements of the Holy Spirit and in following the inspirations of grace.

According to Thomas Merton, “the spiritual director is concerned with the whole person, for the spiritual life is not just the life of the mind, or the life of the affections, or the ‘summit of the soul’—it is the life of the whole person.”

-Thomas Merton, Spiritual Direction and Meditation, p. 14

Silent Directed Retreat at Maryhill

Building Relationship with God

Retreat Schedule:  November 3-6, 2022


  • Arrival Check-in 3:30 pm- 5:00 pm
  • Dinner 5:30 pm
  • Orientation 6:30 pm


  • Individual Direction
  • Mass:  5:30 pm



  • Individual Direction
  • Mass 5:30 pm


  • Individual Direction
  • Departure 3:30 pm– 5:00 pm

Additional Information:  All attendees and staff will be aware of the need for silence. We ask that you also be respectful by avoiding making noises and loud sounds.  We invite you to bring a bible, drawing or coloring books, a notebook or journal, a rosary, and other prayer materials.  Please abstain from the use of a telephone, radio, or other electronic devices during your stay.  Alcohol is not permitted.  Meals will be served at designated times, and snacks and coffee will be available in the kitchen area. Additionally, please bring your own personal hygiene products.  You may bring extra towels and facecloths.

Diocese of Alexandria Spiritual Directors:  Maria Burke, Renee Aldridge, Tracy Simpson, Ingrid Cannella

Diocese of Shreveport Spiritual Director: Greg Laroux

Registration Fee: $275 includes room and meals ($75 Deposit Required to register)


Ingrid Cannella: 318-792-3331 or  icnewell@yahoo.com
Renee Aldridge:  318-542-1966 or renee.aldridge1@gmail.com

Who We Are

Louisiana Spiritual Directors (LASD) is an association of trained spiritual directors formed to promote continuing education, fellowship and information for spiritual directors within Louisiana.

Presenter: Kevin M. Laughlin, Ph.D

Educator, Mentor, Spiritual Companion on the Way,
Practical Boots on the Ground, Master Naturalist,
and Spiritual Companion

“A Spiritual Approach to Tough Topics:
Politics, Abuse, Judgment, Division, & More”

Jesuit Spirituality Center at St. Charles College
Grand Coteau, La.



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