President’s Message

Mike Van Vranken


Hey Everyone,

Welcome to the Louisiana Association of Spiritual Directors website.  We are so glad you found us here. Please, make yourself at home.

You may have found yourself here for one or more of several reasons. You may be a current member seeking ways to become more involved or looking for resources about spiritual direction. Maybe you are seeking a spiritual director, or even discerning the calling to become a spiritual director, or just wondering what spiritual direction is all about. We hope you find information and answers here.

Our Association (LASD) was founded for the purpose of promoting the ministry of spiritual direction in our state and of being a resource to help directors grow spiritually and professionally in their ministries. Our Membership consists of active members who are trained spiritual directors and are currently engaged in the ministry of spiritual direction; and associate members who are either retired from the ministry, presently in training in a recognized spiritual directors training program or are involved in professions related to pastoral care.

We stay in touch with our membership through our newsletter which is delivered directly to your email inbox. We strive to make our newsletter a trusted resource for news and information which will be helpful and valuable to every member.

In addition, we hold an annual conference for the purpose of continuing our development as spiritual directors, helping us relate to, understand, and have compassion for those who come to us for direction and accompaniment. We seek speakers and leaders for this conference who are well known and distinguished spiritual directors themselves. These conferences are designed to help us develop further our own relationships with God which helps us more adequately serve others. You will find more information on our upcoming 2021 conference on this same website.

Our association currently has an eight-member board of directors who are working hard to make this organization valuable and helpful to our members.  I encourage you to contact us through this website for ideas, needs, and ways you can assist us in making this association even better.

It is a blessing for me to serve our organization this year as your president. I invite your questions, comments and feedback. I pray God’s blessings and peace on you as you continue your own pilgrimage and relationship with God.

Mike Van Vranken