For Directees

Suggestions for Directees:

Proximate preparation for spiritual direction (the day before):

Review and Reflect:

  1. Since my last direction session, what events, experiences, relationships, etc. have communicated to me a sense of God’s presence?  God’s absence?  What thoughts or feelings do these evoke for me?
  2. Exploring the manner of my prayer lately, what has helped me to stay attentive to the Spirit?     Where have I experienced difficulty?
  3. In what area(s) of life do I sense God calling me to growth or to deeper surrender? 
  4. As I reflect on my prayer life, what are its challenges and progress?
  5. What is the quality of the key relationships and responsibilities of my state in life?

Immediate preparation:

A few minutes before your spiritual direction, say a prayer to the Holy Spirit to guide you and your director. Make sure you have the notes from your proximate preparation. Finally, call to mind the real goal of all spiritual direction: to discover more clearly God’s action in your life, and to equip you to respond generously to what he is asking of you.